Saturday, November 6, 2010

Joe Jonas’ Mom Isn’t A Fan Of Ashley Greene

It looks like Joe Jonas’ mom, Denise Jonas, isn’t a “Twilight” fan, or at least isn’t a fan of “Twilight” star Ashley Greene. Joe and Ashley have been dating for the past few months and their relationship is stronger than any of Joe’s relationships we have seen in the past. The couple can’t seem to be without each other for more than a few days at a time, which is cute, but seems to be worrying Mrs. Jonas.
According to a source:
Normally he’s the one calling the shots, but now Ashley’s the one leading the relationship. She’s edgier and older than Joe’s other girlfriends and his mom isn’t thrilled about the situation. They’ve instilled really moral believes in their boys, and Joe has always been the one to push the envelope a little bit. Denise knows her boys are heartthrobs, but she’s kind of nervous of the way Ashley has Joe wrapped around her finger. She’s trying to give Ashley a shot. But things are a little strained.

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