Friday, October 22, 2010

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Spotted Making Out in Public - PHOTOS

Joe Jonas and girlfriend Ashley Greene are taking it up a notch with their relationship. What started out as just a mere holding hands in public, has bloomed into full makeout sessions!
The twosome hit up the California Pizza Kitchen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and just couldn’t keep their hands and mouths to themselves. The happy couple were joined by Kellan Lutz, along with another friend, but Joe and Ashley only had eyes for each other.
An eyewitness said, “They were so cute together, sitting next to each other and just lost in each other’s eyes making out non-stop. He was all over her and she was all over him, even when friends were around, they didn’t care who saw them!”
After a little bit of PDA, they were joined by Kellan Lutz and another friend. The spy added, “I was so happy at what I was seeing - I nearly had a heart attack moments later when Kellan showed up! They are perfect for each other. This is the cutest couple of all time, I wish I was Ashley!”

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