Monday, October 25, 2010

Justin Bieber To Launch My World Unisex Fragrance The line of infused wristbands and dog tags will hit Wal-Mart stores in November.

Justin Bieber fans better start saving up now, because the pop star is set on taking over retail stores around the country. In addition to his line of dolls and nail polish, the teen sensation is joining the league of celebrities who have ventured into the fragrance scene with his debut scent called My World.
According to WWD, Bieber is teaming up with Etoile Nation Beauty to create wristbands and dog tags infused with a unisex fragrance. The scent is embedded into the accessories through a patented resin technology that is designed to hold the scent for up to one year. The My World collection will feature four different designs including Icon, Energy, Tour and Web and will hit Wal-Mart stores beginning on Black Friday (November 26).
Bieber told the fashion news service that he's been involved in developing the scent. "They actually brought me a bunch of stuff to smell today," he said. "One of them smelled too young, too fruity. One was really good."
When asked what scents he likes most on the ladies, Justin replied, "I actually like the Britney Spears perfume on girls. It smells good."   Priced at $10, the fragrance is described as having "a combination of top notes of bergamot, lychee and pomegranate, a heart of cedar glimmers and a drydown of musk."
"This Justin Bieber juggernaut is never going to end," Etoile Nation Beauty president Michael Ferrara told WWD. "Justin is a total grassroots phenomenon."
With the affordable cost, Ferrara said that the collection's allure partially resides in the line's easy accessibility "to stack, mix and match, trade and take the scent on the go."
In addition to his fragrance collection, Bieber recently announced via Twitter that he would be releasing his acoustic LP on November 23.
Will you be picking up a Bieber's fragrance-infused wristband or dog tag? Tell us in the comments below!

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