Thursday, October 14, 2010

Joe Jonas Might Ask Ashley Greene to Move In With Him

Joe Jonas has been hit with another rumor that he is going to take his romance with Ashley Greene to the next level. According to Dishin The Dirt, the middle member of the Jonas Brothers is asking the Alice Cullen of "Twilight Saga" series to move into his Los Angeles home.

A source claimed that Joe doesn't want to lose quality time together with Ashley because of their busy schedules. "Because they are trying to spend as much time as possible together during Ashley's filming of the new Twilight film and Joe's upcoming South Africa tour, he wants her to live with him when they are together to minimize time loss," so claimed the source.

The insider further stated that the 21-year-old makes the alleged move because he "has never felt like this before about another woman." Adding that the older brother of Nick Jonas has felt "he has found true love" for the first time, the insider added, "He left Demi Lovato and went right into this without knowing it would become so serious."

Dishin The Dirt additionally reported that the "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" star has been shopping around for an engagement ring. The source said, "He wants to make sure she doesn't go anywhere and he feels if he puts a ring on her finger and sets a date for what he believes is his future bride, he can tour and they can have time apart and he won't worry."

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